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Pair of Dueces [entries|friends|calendar]
A Brokeback Mountain Poetry Community

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Reaction Poem [
September 14, 2008

I watched Brokeback Mountain for the very first time last night and felt compelled to write this.

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Tears [
March 21, 2007

[ mood | sad ]

Title: Tears
Summary: Canon poem. Dead!Jack. Rated G.


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The Pentecost [
February 28, 2007

[ mood | awake ]

Title Pentecost
Summary: Canon poem, G
AN: I was struck by the way The Pentecost is actually metaphorical for Brokeback, so this is about both the Biblical Pentecost and Jack and Ennis.

(The Pentecost)

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America [
February 28, 2007

[ mood | contemplative ]

Title: America
Summary: Dead Jack canon poem
AN: This was inspired by the Nirvana song "Plateau," which I think paints a bleak depiction of the ingrediants that make up America, the vast emptiness between our gestures. That's the sense I was trying to capture here. I think it's a very painful theme of BBM-- the facade that is Americana.


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Futility [
January 18, 2007

[ mood | tired ]

Title: Futility
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Short dead!Jack canon poem.

FutilityCollapse )

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Come Home [
December 8, 2006

[ mood | peaceful ]

Title: Come Home
Rating: G
Summary: Dead!Jack POV, happy-ish? A poem.
Disclaimer: Not my characters, and I make no money from them.
AN: Unbeta'd.

Come HomeCollapse )

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The Lonesome Valley & They's Got the Blue [
October 6, 2006

[ mood | sad ]

That Lonesome ValleyCollapse )

They's Got the BlueCollapse )

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Confessions of a Dream [
September 27, 2006

[ mood | mellow ]

Date written: July 02, 2006
Author’s Notes: This was inspired by “Alone” by Edgar Allan Poe (the quote at the beginning).

Confessions of a Dream

“All that I lov’d
I lov’d alone.”

I couldn’t see
who said they loved you.
Wife, kid, mama–
They must a, though.
Who wouldn’t?

But did they kiss you
like I did
cold rain beatin’ down on us?
Wet all over us,
soaked to our bones

but happy.

Because misery with you
always was better’n
happiness with anyone else.

When I’m dreamin’ I see
you sayin’ my name
over and over again.

Sometimes like the last time.
that last time you spoke afore
you were gone.

Like it better, though, when it’s
like those other times.
Soft, quiet, prayer-like,
didn’t even sound like a word.


You always seemed to be thinkin’
If’n you said it enough when you thought I was asleep
that it’d save you.


Sometimes I think lovin’ you
Was the only kind a savin’ I
knew how to do. And maybe
I’m the only one who really knew how.
Don’t think no one else
Loved you like me.

Such a goddamned shame that
I never
said it to you,
other’n in my dreams.

If’n you can hear me, Jack–
I ain’t afraid a savin’ no more.
I’ll keep on doin’ it so long
As you see fit to keep comin’.

Love you, friend. Love
you to the bitter fuckin’ end.

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September 23, 2006

[ mood | calm ]

Hey, it's me again, back with another poem relating to BBM, dedications to (and it goes without saying)Annie Proulx and those who made BBM the film it was, and also to my poetic goddess/guide/general immense person; planetgal471.  Obviously, this poem is set around the time when Jack is killed, so spoilers abound (not that this is really necessary as a warning, but just for completness sake).  Again, love to hear CC and C, this is the last poem I wrote without purposely taking rhythm etc. into account, so if it sounds weird read aloud, that's why, but this also marks the end of my 'immature' poetry and any poetry posted after this will have such factors taken into account, so rejoice or weep either way, lol.  And now, for the reason you're all reading:

Old News

                                                                                     Here he lies by the roadside;

Broken bones in a broken body,

Housing a broken heart,

Brought on by the one he loved.


It took him twenty years to say;

‘I can’t keep this up and need you with me.’

But that wasn’t what you wanted to hear,

But you rejected him, long ago,
Forcing him down that road,

Where satisfaction is momentary

And he still feels as empty.


You said your love could never be,

He dared to challenge otherwise.

He took his risks,

He cast his die.


Now that is how he lies. Dying.


Blood filling his lungs,

His person pulled apart.

Tire irons, old and new,

Render, rip and wrack

A body that went through worse

Twenty years ago.


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Become Road [
September 10, 2006

[ mood | nauseated ]

Title: Become Road
Word Count: 57
Summary: The story that has become road
Disclaimer: It's Annie's story and characters, not mine. I make no money at this.
Dedication: For sarful

Become RoadCollapse )

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Two Bulls [
August 2, 2006

[ mood | distressed ]

Two Bulls

Salt sting, me, him
Air, breath, sky
Quake, shake, peel, come
Come undone.

Apart. Part of the.

Grit sting, me, him
Squeeze, death, breath-less
Blood salt, burns black
Black down
Hold on
Hold on
Lean back
Weight down
Hold on
Hold on
None. Undone. Down.

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Making Trails [
July 6, 2006

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Making Trails for the Redemption ChallengeCollapse )

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You Were Meant For Me [
July 6, 2006

[ mood | bored ]

My final offering for the time being, one of my personal favourite pieces of poetry I have ever written and then Worded, it was created so as to show the flow of feeling that both Ennis and Jack have and then how they come together in one sentiment.  I wanted to create a bitter-sweet piece of poetry with this and of course the ever-inspirational Annie Proulx helped with its creation (not personally :( , of course) but I also wanted to chart the emotional rollercoaster of how things can go wrong in a relationship, how the good times are equally hard to match and the feelings that may transpire from love.  

Of course, this poem is slightly different to the novella in so far as, at the end there is a sense of hope, whereas Ennis is left with nothing/ very little at the film/novellas end, except for his memories, the shirts and the postcard.

Again, comments and constructive criticism are very welcome.

You were meant for me

You were meant for me.


I see it in your ocean deep blue eyes,

I feel it in the electricity that jolts when our hands brush,

I sense it when I’m near you.

But most importantly,

I know it in my heart.


We are there for each other,

Holding on to one another, like a stone to stop us drowning.

Through wind and rain, every bind, every pain,

You are there.

As it was fated so.


Sometimes I feel a tug of remorse,

For those that have not what we have.

But, regrettably, the feeling fades,

As there you are, smiling, laughing with no such cares.

I’m envious,

But not for long as I join you.

Caught in a whirlwind of the oblivious.


I’m holding you close,

Something went wrong,

But you aren’t telling me what.

You’ve fallen to your knees,

But I’ll pick you up.

No matter the sin, no matter the crime, no matter its gravity,

We’ll survive this.

Since we were meant to be.

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Brokeback Mountain Acrostic [
July 6, 2006

[ mood | creative ]

Because I'm new to this and in such a good mood, I thought I'd share an acrostic with you lot, clearly BBM inspired, it starts from the first meeting and ends when Jack dies in terms of time scale, again, clearly inspired by the works of Annie Proulx but of course, penned by myself, and then Worded.  I'm fully aware this is not poetry, but variety is the spice of life, no?

Comments and constructive criticism much appreciated.

Please note that one swear word is contained in this acrostic, however it is derived from the novella, which makes it all-right :P

Brokeback Mountain Acrostic

Brought together by fate,

Rather than by choice.

Other than their jobs,

Knowing not of what could happen.

Encouraged to grow close,

Brought together by the chill night,

An experience neither could forget.

Closing the space between their bodies,

Knowing it could not be.


More time passed since that night.

Occasional high-altitude fucks,

Under the stars and canvas.

Neither wanted to give it up,

To lose part of themselves.

Another time, and it was all lost.

It was meant to be that way,
Never to share the love they felt.

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Unbroken [
July 5, 2006

[ mood | anxious ]

Hey all, this is my first time post on this 'pair-of-deuces', just thought I'd give it a try since I have loads of free time at the moment.  This poem is most relevant to how Jack, perhaps, feels but can't express.

Comments and constructive criticism are welcome and try to be kind, if possible, it is my first time after all :P

My inspiration for the poem is of course, the property of Annie Proulx, but more so, my poetry comes from me and some of the feelings I have.


You say no,
I say yes,
They say it cannot be,
I say it was born to be.

A Love, oppressed,
But never faltering.
A Bond so strong,
As to be unbreakable.

The Embrace,
The Touch.
A love re-united,
With the flames of yesteryear.

This isn't dying,
We won't let it end so,
Together, Forever,
Our desire never ending.

My love, my soul,
My Skin.
I won't shed you, for,
You are Me.

'Till Death so us part
& beyond.
The Grave,
No obstacle.
This love must prevail.

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Widower [
July 5, 2006

[ mood | blank ]

This poem haunts me. :'( I wrote one for the redemption prompt, too, but it needs some serious editing.

WidowerCollapse )

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Prompt: Redemption [
June 25, 2006


Brokeback Mountain, especially the novella, is a story rife with lack of redemption; character after character suffers the consequences of their choices, actions, and societal pressures, but none, in the end, find redemption from these things. Is it the inevitability of their situation? Personal choice, personal fears, lack of opportunity? (IMHO)

Explore this theme in a poem, stream-of-consciousness, or whatever form works for you.

If you want to be really challenged, you can try to keep it under 150 words :)
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A few semi-BBM poems [
June 6, 2006

[ mood | okay ]

Read more...Collapse )

What’s in a face?Collapse )

A Universal TruthCollapse )

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Soiled [
June 4, 2006

[ mood | melancholy ]

the poem is under hereCollapse )

AN: I'm still hunting for a title, plz suggest I've become quite fond of "Soiled". The muse for this one was my belief that Ennis had to have some breed of hope inside of him. Instead of asking what, if anything, would have driven Ennis towards Jack, I wonder about what drove him away. Of course the Earl thing did, but not just that, hope also. Ennis hoped things would, at the very least, continue as they were, hoped that the back-of-beyond would keep them away from tire irons. If he had not had that hope, what would he have been driven to? Maybe nothing. I don't know. I just like the idea of blaming hope, too, with fear.

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The Pull [
June 2, 2006

[ mood | sleepy ]

Prompt: Confront someone. Tell them something you wish you could say but can't.
Dedication: Lola, you rocks my socks, girl! :)

The Pull

I think it’s time you realized
That hearts bear wounds unseen
And maybe it’s time you understood
That that this is not your dumping ground

How can you practice such nonchalance?, my dear
In the face of all that screams
I must look away from you
To remember who I am

I always try to make it easy
Move with the flow, let things go
I can no longer aid and abet the ease of things
You’ve pushed me in to deep

I’ve tried to forget the melting images
Of your shy affection, stopped in its birth
I fail time and time again
You are lost in me as I am lost in you

I say, succinct and sure, leave me be
But you see my wavering delineations
I ask you, touch me there
And you breathe deep of my spirit

I tried to say the words of reason,
         but fate has left me here
Once again caught up in the treason,
            of your necessary fear

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